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Here are 8 Tips to Cool Your Dog on a Hot Summer Day

Clearly, your dog is hot, heck you are and you don’t even have fur. More than likely you realize your dog’s discomfort too. What can you do that will make your dog comfortable and protect him from potentially deadly heatstroke Here are 8 Tips to Cool Your Dog on a Hot Summer Day

Your Cat’s War against Big, Bad, Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are those caused by some sort of organism like a virus, bacteria, parasite, etc. Many of these infections are highly contagious and potentially fatal; therefore, we must keep them on our radar screen. Learn more about the infectious diseases that can affect your cat and what you can do about them.

 AAHA Pet Health Library

An educated pet owner knows the right questions to ask their veterinarian. The AAHA Pet Health Library gives you information you can take to your next veterinary appointment so that you can make an informed decision about your pet’s health care. Build a strong relationship with your accredited veterinary hospital today by bringing educated questions to your next appointment. Together, you can choose the right care for your pet.

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